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What do you usually get in a TTouch session?

1st consultation:

Follow-up/single sessions:

TTouches, leading exercises, ground work, basic clicker training, anything else needed.

Assessment of changes.


Sessions are based on the needs of the animal and its guardian (owner).

What is given in a session all depends on the environment and the animal.


Book a Session

Book a TTouch session






Comment or question and preferred time

Please note for your appointments.

If you cannot make your appointment on time, or not at all, please call and cancel at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments not cancelled will be charged 80% of their price.

Thank you.

At The Land or other place

At your home

1st TTouch and Assessment Session

P 250

P 300

(from 1 to 1½ hours; depending on the animal) includes evaluation of animal and its environment and relationships and a TTouch session

Individual TTouch sessions

P 150

P 200

from 30 to 45 minutes   

4 sessions   

P 650

P 800

every week/two weeks

includes first session and three following sessions

4 sessions         

P 550

P 700

every week/two weeks

4 Individual sessions