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Participate in the internal arts of Tai chi and Qigong (Chi Kung), and the external arts of Karate, Kung fu and Capoeira. Stretch yourself to flexibility and awareness, increase calm and balance through yoga, flow with your energy through qigong, and build up daily skills ability through functional exercises. Feel the energy of life flow into you and through you, creating a life of fitness, health, vitality and balance.

Come to the classes with a beginners mind, whether you have already practiced some type of art, or whether you are a complete beginner. Let yourself be open to what is offered, and focus on your own training, not on whether others are different than you. You are here for yourself. Be open to new possibilities and new knowledge and new techniques. Be here, simply, in the moment, and you shall reap great rewards.

What to wear:

If you don’t have martial arts specific clothing, please wear loose trousers/pants that are not tight and are easy to move around in. Plain T-shirt/top. Comfortable flat and light shoes or barefoot.

You are free to come and watch a class or join one whenever you feel you are ready, just contact me before to be sure the class is happening. Check back occasionally to this page at the calendar below as well.

For more information about the classes, go here for martial arts and here for Taichi and here for Qigong.

Training in the martial arts has certain guidelines in order for everyone to have a safe and respectful environment in which to train. Please see here for the Guidelines.

All classes are suitable for youth, men and women - Children from preferable 6 years old onwards

Taichi and Qigong(Chi Kung) - Self defence and Fitness through Martial Arts



On Nelson Mandela Drive, going towards the Airport, CBD is on your left. Pass the Square Mart traffic lights, and take the dirt road turn off on your left. Follow the road to your left and Bull and Bush will be on your right. Action Sports is inside Bull and Bush right at the back, after the outside bar.

From Western Bypass, turn left (or right) at Gabz TV circle to go towards Square Mart/CBD. Go straight through traffic lights that tun right towards CBD, and turn left before the next traffic lights. Follow dirt road till you get to Bull and Bush on your left.

Action Sports is inside Bull and Bush right at the back, after the outside bar.

Action Sports @ Bull & Bush

You are driving on Kaunda Road, with Riverwalk behind you and the Main Mall in front. You have passed the main junction of Samora Machel Drive to your left and Mobuto Drive to your right. At the first junction, turn right (South Ring mall on your right), then immediate left. Somarelang is on your left. Turn left to enter and park on the right. From the entrance, The Market Square is to your diagonal left.

Somarelang Tikologo


Class Schedule

Nancy has been doing karate since she was 11 years old. She got her first black belt at the age of 13 in Sankukai karate, and since then the martial arts have been a big part of her life. For her, martial arts are the pathway to health, fitness, self defence, character development and spiritual awareness.

Nancy has been teaching Tai chi and other martial arts for more than 20 years. She has a diploma in Fitness and Nutrition and carries on studying health, fitness, martial arts and a holistic approach to well-being.

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