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Conscious Movement

We cannot come to a state of fitness if we do not move our bodies. Our muscles need to grow stronger and stretch, our lungs need to breath deeply, our lymph needs to flow, our bones need to strengthen.... We can only achieve that through getting our butt out of that seat or couch and moving!! Preferably a few times a day for 5 to 10 minutes.

Choose any type of activity that you like to do. If you are not sure, then let it be walking. Another great whole body exercise is rebounding on a professional rebounder, one of the best exercises you can do for your general fitness and health. How about dancing? Put on your favourite music and enjoy! Or get inspired by the gentle art of Tai chi or Chi kung that benefits your whole body and being. Whatever it is, do it and have fun. Move your body!!

Action steps

Self defence, fitness and fun through Martial arts

Tai Chi (Taiji)


Chi Kung (Qi Gong)

Capoeira based workout

Kung fu and karate based workout

Get fit workout

Taichi Rebounding Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon


What to Eat After a Workout: Fueling for Recovery

Breathing Chikung Self-defence, fitness and health through the Martial arts