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Our day retreat and lunches

Under the shade of the open wooden roof, the tables sit awaiting the presence of peoples’ company. Cushions soften the wooden benches, and glasses expect freshly made juice and clear structured water; all prepared to refresh and enliven thirsty throats.

Plates will receive homemade food, lovingly prepared and set up for savouring. The theme of the food is fresh and kind. Everything is plant-based and either a mixture of raw and cooked, or all raw for an intriguing experience.

Finish your lunch with a healthy dessert, meant to satisfy you with enough sweetness to complement your meal.

Afterwards, take a walk along our little paths, and appreciate the beauty of the Land in whatever season it is experiencing: dry and hot, cool and green, warm and sweet scented, cold and invigorating.

Now you can sit quietly in the Hall, or outside under a tree, and have a cup of tea as you relax in enjoyment of this day.

Throughout this day, you can experience:

With prior arrangement, you can also experience:

P 200 per person for lunch and the afternoon

Please book here

If you would like to spend a full day, or stay overnight for a night or two, go here for more information or
Please contact us

A day retreat and lunch

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