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Health and inspiration

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Health and well-being

For your companion animals

Day Retreats


The Tellington TTouch is a specialized approach to the care and training of our animal companions and Reconnective Healing is tapping into the universal intelligence to facilitate healing and increase well-being and health.

Experience the relaxation, peace,

renewed vitality and harmony of The Land in Mokatse Village.

Come on a Saturday or Sunday with your friends and enjoy a freshly made lunch. Relax afterwards with a cup of  herbal tea, and let the land restore and rejuvenate you.

If you are living in Gaborone, there are various classes available for you to enjoy Taiji, Qigong and Martial arts; the arts of whole body health and vitality.

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To live to our greatest potential, to serve the world to our best ability, to love to our fullest, to participate in greatness; without health and well-being, we can fall short of our aspirations and dreams, our goals and service.

All parts become the greater whole; our home supports our health, our beauty inspires our creativity, our companion animals guide our lifestyle, our garden provides recipes. It is all connected.

Increase your health and wellbeing by enjoying and getting involved in all areas of your life that will support and inspire your greatness.


Join one of our workshops to learn a variety of skills and practices to support you in a life of health, fitness, vitality, purpose and balance.


A lifestyle is  the way a person lives, made up of behaviours, habits, reasoned actions, a sense of self, attitudes and values.  Your lifestyle should contribute to your well-being, contentment and success in your life.


Create delightful, tasty and nutritious meals for your health and pleasure


A sanctuary where you can be yourself and engage in the joys of relaxation and creativity in  a space of peace and clarity  


The expression of who you truly are, and how you take care of yourself on the inside and the outside


Allow the inspiration to create something beautiful take to flight and manifest in any colour or shape or expression it desires


Allow the mind and body to be at peace, letting in only the silence of the land and the wisdom of the universe


The joy of engaging with the life that brings beauty, healing and food

Companion Animals

Your best friend, your companion, your guardian, your teacher and guide


The land that brings support, the air that brings inspiration, the fire that cleanses, the water that nourishes; our home


Insights and good sense to live a beautiful and worthy life

Our World

You, me, we and them. We are connected and we are one. Celebrate the diversity of life and beings

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