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By their very nature, the plant foods of the land and of the sea, bring the most potent and nutritious elements to nourish your whole body and the cells that make up your very being.

The fresh and juicy fruits, the crisp and cool vegetables, the crunchy nuts and seeds, the rich and smooth beans and legumes, the unctuous creaminess of avocados and coconut oil, the the salty bite of kelp and nori, the bitterness of raw cacao, the sweetness of fresh dates, the healing of herbs ; they are all there to give you their best. To nourish and nurture you, to feed and build you, to heal and delight you.

Partake of their gifts with gratitude and love, for they are the very best you can receive to create a healthy and beautiful body, mind, lifestyle and planet.

Until I find the time to create delicious recipes, enjoy these recipes from various wonderful sites.

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