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Day Retreat

Experience the relaxation, peace, renewed vitality and harmony

of The Land in Mokatse village in South-East Botswana.

Come alone or come with friends, family, colleagues...

You will experience a time to be at peace with yourself, the time to listen to that inner voice or the time to sit back and relax, enjoying a good book or just watching the clouds go by. The choice is yours and in the meantime, you will share delicious homemade food, listen to music, do some art and craft, take a walk and just Be in an atmosphere of tranquility and gentle natural surroundings.

Action steps

Who can benefit

Lots of ways for everybody to walk upon the Land

A day retreat

Enjoy a day of relaxation, renewal and a lovely homemade lunch in a space of peace and freedom

What is available to enjoy

Rocks, birds, rebounders, food, teas, trees, shade, peace, energy…

Where we are

Find your way to our little space of love

Where we are Where we are Day retreat and Lunch What is available Who can benefit

The Land

Pictures of The Land

Our uniqueness

What makes us special and unique

Uniqueness The Land

Overnight retreats

If you would like to stay longer at The Land and experience time to be and space to contemplate

Overnight Retreat