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People travelling who want to experience a day’s rest from their travels:

Relax from your driving stress, and enjoy a nice movement session. Eat a wholesome lunch and refresh yourself with a restful nap. Join a body awakening and relaxing Qigong session and rebounding session, fuel your body with a healthy and hale snacks and carry on your trip recharged and rejuvenated.

Visitors and friends:

Are you stumped with what to do with your overseas visitors and friends? Are you going to again bring them to lunch at the same restaurant? Why not let them have a day of rest and rejuvenation at The Land Retreat. A gift to your friends or family, and a bit of rest for yourself as well!

Friends and family:

Do you want to give a gift that is different and beneficial to the health of your loved ones and friends? You don’t know what to give for a birthday or Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or any other day? Give a gift of relaxation and rejuvenation, where your family member or friend can enjoy their latest book or just be quiet from all the distractions at their home. Give a gift that matters.

People rehabilitating from illness or injury:

You need gentle body movements and energy movement to help you heal from your injury or illness. Fresh, healthy and healing foods will fuel your body, giving it the necessary nutrients for your path towards healing. The surrounding nature, with its peace and power, will rejuvenate your spirit and relax your body, mind and emotions. With nothing else to do but give your body the time it needs to heal and yourself the time to rest and recuperate, Another Way Wellbeing Retreat is just the place for you.

Writers, artists who want to have peace and time to create:

With no concerns about what are the children doing or have you fed the dogs or did you answer that email, you will be able to focus solely on your work. The only distractions are the birds singing and the beautiful breeze calling you out to play in the warm sun. Spend as much time as you need to write that book, or finish that painting. Your body will be relaxed with occasional therapeutic massages or yoga sessions, and your mind will be relaxed by watching the clouds go by.

People who want to take time for themselves:

You would like time for yourself to come into contact with your inner being, your inner joy and peace. Nothing to distract you, no messages, children, dogs or husbands or wives to bug you. All the time is available to you to meditate, journal, express your creativity, and just sit in stillness to listen to that inner voice that only is heard when there is inner and outer peace. Find yourself.

Couples who want to be together in peace:

A time for both of you to be together with no outside distractions. Get to know each other even better through talking or playing the Transformation Game or the Gratitude Game. Sit together on the rock and speak about your dreams and wishes, your goals and fears. Listen to each other fully, and let nature whisper in your ears of the Love you both share.

Like minded people:

Who are dedicated to live a compassonate and purposeful life in this world. You will find Another Way Wellbeing Retreat the ideal place to spend a very special physical and spiritual stay with your like-minded friends.

Tourists visiting Botswana:

The Land is an ideal bridge from the hassel of a hectic life and airports and hotels to the quiet of a rural area. At The Land, you touch upon your inner peace, learn and apply simple techniques that reduce stress and experience simple nature.

From The Land, tourists can then carry on their trips towards the region of their choice in Botswana, or other Southern African destinations.

If you are a newcomer to Botswana or Africa, we will give you an insight into this land of elephants and dustdevils, dung beetles and baobab trees. Come and experience a bit of our knowledge and familiarity of our 42 years on the land of Africa, while enjoying your first blue African sky, your first dark night where you can almost touch the stars, and your first barefoot steps on the sandy ground of Botswana.

Arrangements can be made if you would like to stay the night in our Hall in dorm style sleeping

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