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Please book me/us for Saturday the 17th of October 2018

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Come and experience wisdom and knowledge from various sources from around the world, simple wellness modalities for health and well-being, and processes and actions that lead to achievement and harmony for your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit.

For workshops in Mokatse, experience the power and peace of The Land, delight in tasty homemade food, and welcome yourself to another way of being.

Action steps

Proactive Self defence


Self defence:
a proactive approach

Self Defence is the ability to keep oneself safe in various situations, and first and foremost is not putting oneself at risk.

Self defence includes the most valuable tool, your mind, followed by the support of your emotions and finally your physical techniques.

This workshop will encompass techniques and strategies, habits and attitudes, tips and skills that will help you to be proactive about your own safety. It will bring about an understanding on how to avoid dangerous situations, and the ability to protect yourself physically should the need arise.

• How to become more aware of your surroundings and  of possible dangers
• Habits and attitude of the victim and the non-victim
• How to train your mind to be clear, smart and aware
• An insight into the attackers mind: "Why do people  attack?"
• Listening to your intuition and respecting the 'gift of  fear'
• Mental and physical avoidance techniques
• Learning a few basic but effective physical defence  techniques
• Defensive living strategies and habits

Saturday the 20th of October 2018
9:00am to 4:00 pm

The Land, Mokatse (7 kms after Odi)

P 450 per person (all inclusive)

P 400 if you participate towards the group lunch with a vegan dish.

Women and girls only

Empty mind to absorb information - Loose and comfortable clothing

With Nancy, martial artist of more than 30 years and student of body, mind, heart and spirit health, well-being and life skills

Booking essential by Wednesday the 17th of October

Deposit of P 200 to secure your place


Please pay your deposit of P 200 or pay in full by Wednesday the 17th of October to ensure your space. If you have made a deposit, please bring the rest of your payment in cash on the day.

  -Online by PayPal in Euro, for the equivalent of the price in Pula (Euro 36.00 or 32.00).

     Either click Pay Now button, or email me and I will send you a PayPal invoice via email.

   -Deposit into FNB account

Please contact me for banking details

  -Or pay by eWallet if you have an FNB account

If unable to make the above payments, please let me know.
Please be sure to have booked by Wednesday the 17
th of October

Special discount

If monthly income is below P 2000 a month, I am giving two people a special discount

in order for them to have this valuable learning experience.

If you wish to apply for the discount, I need a copy of your Omang and your last salary slip.

Submit by email and pay by Monday the 15th October in order to reserve your place.

Salary between P1000 and P2000 = 70% discount (P 135)

Salary under P1000 per month = 80% discount (P 90)

Download a flyer

BWP 400 - Euro 34.00


BWP 450 - Euro 36.00

Self defence workshop 2018.pdf